Tourist Visas

Every year, Mexico receives thousands of tourists who come to enjoy holidays on the beach under the migratory status of a Tourist. Mexico allows foreigners to stay temporarily and legally in the country for up to180 days with a tourist card.

Foreigners entering Mexico by air, must obtain a tourist card (also known as an FMM). The fee for the tourist card is generally included in the price of a plane ticket for travelers arriving by air. Mexican immigration retains a portion of the form and the traveler is given the other portion. It is extremely important to keep this form in a safe location. Upon exiting the country, foreigners are required to turn in this form. If you can not produce this form, you will likely be able to continue your journey home, but you will be charged a fine.

Do you want to live or work in Mexico?

The National Institute of Migration (INM) will allow foreigners to remain in Mexico for an extended period of time as a no-inmigrante. This visa is a one-year residency permit, renewable annually. You can apply for it at any Mexican immigration office within Mexico or at a nearby Mexican Consulate in Canada and the U.S.

This procedure is fairly straightforward, although laws can change.
In general, you will need:

a) A letter in Spanish stating the applicant's full name, current address, a request to obtain the visa, and a statement saying that all pertinent paperwork is attached.
b) Your passport.
c) Proof of income (bank statements).
d) Photographs.
e) Cash or a money order for the application.

It may also be necessary that these documents be translated into Spanish and authorized by a Mexican Consulate.

Upon approval, the Mexican Consulate will return your passport to you, along with a small card which is your visa. However, it is important to note: when you enter Mexico, your visa is not valid until you officially register with the local Immigration office within 30 days of your entry or you will pay a fine when you renew the following year.

Some visas do not permit employment within Mexico and are intended for those who plan to live in Mexico full time and who are sustained by resources/income brought from outside Mexico. However it does permit the holder to import some household goods and one automobile into Mexico, plus it will give you the ability to open a Mexican bank account.

If you are planning to work while you are in Mexico you will need a variant of this visa that allows you to do so. It is valid for renewable12-month periods and you must be sponsored by an employer. This type of visa enables a foreigner to work for an employer in areas specified in the immigration document. The applicant must have specific skills that are not met in the current workforce and the visa status is contingent upon continued employment by the sponsoring employer.

As with other legal matters in Mexico, an attorney can be extremely helpful, time-saving and cost-cutting, ensuring you always have the correct documents. The process itself is not often difficult, but it helps to have someone who is fluent in Spanish and who is also savvy and familiar with the process required by the immigration offices. Resort Real Estate Services offers access to legal services for all our clients, ensuring an easy and stress-free transition.
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