Playa Bocana Santa Cruz Bay Playa Bocana, located at the furthest end of the Bays of Huatulco, is a rustic paradise. Bisected by the Copalita River, it is a naturalists dream filled with sea birds coming to enjoy the fresh and salt-water estuary. Bordered by the archeological reserve of Punta Celeste, Playa Bocana is assured of a natural and unspoiled future.

La Bocana is an up and coming residential development graced with a beautiful long beach and best surf break in Huatulco, welcoming surfers, birds watchers and sun bathers to enjoy its warm sand. A new artisan plaza is open and restaurants are now coming to the area, including Santa Clara and the ever popular Finca de Los Vaqueros restaurant.

Playa Bocana is sure to become one the most popular areas of Huatulco in coming years, making the purchase of land in the area a lucrative investment and the perfect place to build a vacation home, as a few have done already..