Buyer Representation

Buyer representation means that you, the buyer, have a real estate agent working for you on the purchase of your new home or investment property. The best part is that the seller will pay the commission and/or applicable fees, therefore there will not be any additional cost to the buyer, in most cases. The fundamental duties of a real estate agent include: loyalty, confidentiality, disclosure, reasonable care, diligence and accountability. A real estate agent is obligated to uphold the duties to the seller, while a buyer’s representative is obligated to you, the buyer.

Why should you consider a Resort Real Estate Services
as your Buyer Representative?

  • RRES will show you all known and available listings in the area, regardless of which real estate company lists the property, maximizing the buyer’s choices.
  • RRES is obligated, by contract, to serve the buyer’s best interests.
  • RRES can help a potential buyer with travel, accommodations, and local
  • RRES will provide the buyer with a personalized experience tailored to their specific

Through every aspect of the process we respond to our client’s questions and needs so they can feel comfortable knowing they are represented by a professional real estate company, from beginning to end.
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